Inspiration Sensation

If there is one thing I’ve learned in the last year I’d say it would be that you can never and should never stop learning.  I feel like this is especially relevant to your career.  Once you are in a position one of the best ways to excel in that position or potentially grow out of it is to constantly stretch yourself. And, what better way to do so than to expose yourself to new information and ideas.

One way I’ve decided to make sure to do that is to constantly set aside some time during my day to skim the news, blogs, or new articles posted on new sites or newsletters that you might follow.  You’d be surprised how even reading just three articles each day will invigorate your brain, inspire new ideas related to projects you’re working on, and open up networking and conversation opportunities for you throughout your everyday life.

Here are some blogs and news sites that I subscribe to to keep me inspired in hospitality and social media:

1. Hotel News Now. Excellent for all topics if you’re in the hotel industry.

2. Mashable. I’m constantly looking for inspiration for marketing and social media projects.  Mashable is good to stay up to date on the latest in Social Media and to keep me on my toes for what types of trends to stay on top of.

3. Travel 2.0 Consulting Blog.  Troy Thompson, a consultant, marketer and speaker in the tourism industry keeps a relevant blog that I enjoy following.  Definitely worth adding to the list.

4. Hotel I subscribe to this one as well and find that the daily digest usually has one or two articles that peak my interest.

And for anything and everything, if you haven’t already signed up, ask someone to invite you to Pinterest.  Outside of opportunities to find inspiration for hospitality marketing, this site, which is quickly growing in popularity, is a gold mine for opportunities to read new blogs and find new ideas for inspiration!


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