Seattleites for a Weekend


On our recent trip to the Northwest, where we wined in the Willamette Valley and did more than our share of dining, we took a quick jaunt up to Seattle to explore the sites and play tourist.

One of the things I miss most about living on the mainland is the fact that it’s easy to travel anywhere and relatively inexpensive (in comparison to living in Hawaii where no matter where you go you have to travel hours over the ocean). If you want to drive to Seattle from Portland then you can in just 3 1/2 hours! Or if you prefer, just catch a cheap flight and get yourself in a new city to explore on a spontaneous Friday night whim.

Our Seattle trip was just that, a whirlwind unplanned adventure where we relied on Yelp and TripAdvisor and our hunger for adventure to bring us fond memories together.

While I have been to Seattle many times over the years, my husband Daniel and my sister’s friend, May, who were with us had not.  So we jumped in our cars and drove up early on a Saturday morning to do some exploring…




We started our trip with a quick bite of Dim Sum and exploring Seattle’s diverse Chinatown.  We couldn’t resist making a quick stop at Seattle’s large asian food market (also located in Portland) Uwajimaya for some fresh roasted chestnuts.


No trip to Seattle would be complete without watching the fish fly in Pike Place Market.


We actually came here twice during our visit. The first time, on a Saturday, the market was a nightmare packed with so many people you could barely stop to peruse the wonderful variety of vendors displaying all of their fresh foods and artistic creations.  The second day, however, was lovely and empty.  Definitely worth the second trip back.


We had to make a stop at the little donut hole shop in Pike Place Market for fresh donuts while we shopped.  A must do if you’re ever in the Market.  The line was long but well worth the wait once we had these little guys in our stomachs.


Right across the street from the market is the first Starbucks.  We couldn’t resist stopping in to take a quick photo.


We then went over to see the Space Needle.  It was about $20 per person to go up in the Space Needle and while I’m sure the views are astonishing we were pretty satisfied from the ground without the view.  We came to the agreement that we would much rather save the $20 and put it towards a happy hour drink…


We found this absolute gem of a place called Toulouse Petit conveniently located a few blocks from the Space Needle.  They have an excellent happy hour and the food is to die for.  This actually makes my list of all time FAVORITE restaurants around the US.  You can read more about what I thought about this restaurant here on Yelp.


Perhaps one of my favorite things we did while in Seattle was to find the Fremont Troll. Just North of Seattle is a quirky and artistic town called Fremont that locals like to refer to as the center of the universe.  We took some fun shots here and it was one of my favorites because it was something off the beaten path that we hadn’t seen before.

Can’t wait for our next opportunity to explore Seattle again soon!


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